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Kronick Reference Guide: 2014 Legislative Developments
2014 Legislative Developments

A number of new laws impacting the workplace were enacted by the California Legislature in 2014.  Download the attached PDF for a complete description of these new laws.  If you have any questions regarding the impact of these new laws on your workplace, please contact David W. Tyra, Catherine V. Nystrom or the attorney with whom you normally consult.

Download PDF (PDF 3MB)
KMTG Reference Guide: A Developer's Guide to the California Density Bonus Law (Revised Jan. 2015)
Developer's Guide to the California Density Bonus Law

A reference guide for developers with insights on how the Density Bonus works, including how it can help in both friendly and hostile jurisdictions, as well as how to use the Density Bonus to satisfy inclusionary housing requirements.  This reference guide is also a handy resource for Density Bonus Statutes.  

Download PDF (PDF 468KB)
KMTG Conflict of Interest Pocket Guide
Conflict of Interest Pocket Guide

This handy, pocket size guide serves as a quick reference to help you determine whether you have a possible conflict of interest under the Political Reform Act. While it doesn't cover every aspect of the law, it will help you assess your situation using an easy question and answer format.

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