Kronick Reference Guide: A Developer's Guide to the California Density Bonus Law
2017 Developer's Guide to the California Density Bonus Law

Legislative changes are reflected in this 2017 revised version of our Developer's Guide to the Density Bonus Law. If you have any questions about the Density Bonus Law, you may contact Jon Goetz at (626) 773-4904 or

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Kronick Reference Guide: 2016 Legislative Developments
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A number of new laws impacting the workplace were enacted by the California Legislature in 2016. Download the PDF for a complete description of these new laws. If you have any questions regarding the impact of these new laws on your workplace, please contact David W. Tyra or the attorney with whom you normally consult.

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Prevailing Wages: When Are They Required On Publicly Assisted Projects?
Prevailing Wages Cover

A reference guide for developers that discusses the requirements of prevailing wages for publicly assisted projects, exceptions, sale of land and affordable housing projects.

This reference guide also includes Labor Code section 1720.

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