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ASCA 2015 Every Child Counts Symposium | FAQs About IEEs

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Friday, Jan 16, 2015


10:15 - 11:45 a.m.


Portola Hotel & Spa
Monterey Bay

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Association of California School Administrators (ASCA)
2015 Every Child Counts Symposium | January 14-16, 2015



This presentation will provide a primer for both new and experienced special educatiors on Independent Educational Evaluation requests by parents and answers to frequently asked questions about district responses to such requests. The presenter will provide a basic overview of the legal right of parents to an IEE and the legal parameters of the district’s obligation to provide one. The presenter will also provide responses to FAQs that go beyond the legal parameters to address the practical implications and implementation of a district’s responses to an IEE request. For example, must the district provide an IEE with the parents’ preferred evaluator? How do we know if our assessments will stand up in a due process hearing? What are the practical pros and cons of providing an IEE over going to due process to defend our assessments? How do we fi nd a good evaluator? This presentation will teach attendees the legal requirements for responding to IEE requests so your district is procedurally compliant with the IDEA and the practical implications of your district’s response. Attendees will also learn about recent due process hearing decisions on IEE’s to guide decisions about IEE responses.