Legislature Postpones Vote on $11 Billion Water Bond until 2012

August 10, 2010

The legislature narrowly passed a bill to postpone until November 2012 a statewide vote on the $11 billion water bond that is a key feature of the 2009 state water legislation. The governor is expected to sign the bill, which would remove Proposition 18, the Water Supply Act of 2010, from the November 2010 ballot.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other supporters of the postponement hope the politics of public finance and water supply will be more favorable to bond passage in two years. By that time, an improved economy should bode well for public approval of environmental and infrastructure investments needed to ensure that California has a reliable water supply, supporters say.

The two-year postponent would arise under Assembly Bill 1264, which the legislature passed August 9, 2010. After a hearing of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water, the bill reached the floor, where it passed both houses with narrow margins. A two-thirds vote was required to pass the bill, which passed with a 27-7 vote in the Senate, and 54-22 vote in the Assembly.

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