Speaking Engagement:

2013 LOCC Annual Conference & Expo: Infrastructure Financing - Brave New Alternatives in a Post-redevelopment World

Event Information


September 19, 2013


1:00 - 2:15 p.m.


Sacramento Convention Center

Sponsored By:

League of California Cities
Annual Conference & Expo (September 18-20, 2013)


Jeffrey L. Massey
Aaron Laurel, Economic Development Manager, City of West Sacramento


Many cities utilized the tax increment financing authority bestowed by the statewide redevelopment program to finance infrastructure. Its elimination has limited infrastructure financing options and may undermine the role of cities in creating community revitalization. Discuss proactive steps to restore a city’s ability to make strategic infrastructure investments and promote local economic development. Review new financing tools, how those efforts relate to State legislation, and what other cities can do to be better positioned for a future without the traditional tool of redevelopment.

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