KMTG Attorneys Enjoy Interacting with Local Area High School Students in “Open Doors to Federal Courts” Program

Sacramento | March 9, 2012

Once again, several KMTG litigation attorneys had the privilege of participating in the national “Open Doors to Federal Courts” program for the Sacramento Courthouse. Sponsored by the U.S. District Court Eastern District of California and hosted by federal judges and local attorneys, the program invites local high school students into the courtroom to participate in true-to-life courtroom simulations that center on issues important to teens.

This year, more than 400 students participated in a program featuring a trial scenario which involved the question of downloading music and movies from the Internet. Everyone's doing it, and almost no one gets caught. So why not download music and movies from the Internet?

KMTG attorney and Lawyer Representative to the 9th Circuit Judicial Conference, Candice L. Fields, was in charge of administering the program for the Sacramento Courthouse. KMTG attorneys Ronald J. Scholar, Marsha Bedwell, William Chisum, Kristianne Seargeant, Meghan Covert Russell and Corrie Erickson also participated as both mock trial counsel and/or jury facilitators.

The annual event represents a long term commitment by the federal courts to share in the civic education of high school seniors. It is aligned to California curriculum standards for economics and government.  The annual program provides an exciting opportunity for high school seniors to learn more about the role and function of the federal courts, and potentially motivates some to pursue a career in law or law enforcement.