UWMP Update Deadline Extended to July 2011 for Wholesale Water Suppliers

September 27, 2010

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed legislation giving urban wholesale water suppliers a six-month extension, to July 1, 2011, to prepare their 2010 urban water management plan updates.

Plan updates are normally due by December 31 of years ending in 5 or 0, so the next round of Plan updates would have been due by the end of 2010. However, urban retail water suppliers received an extension to July 1, 2011, to incorporate the new water conservation planning requirements established in SB 7, part of the Legislature’s historic water legislation package adopted in November 2009.

SB 7 did not grant a time extension to wholesale suppliers, although it did require them to coordinate with retail suppliers on the new water conservation requirements. The governor's execution of SB 1478 grants wholesale suppliers an automatic extension to permit that coordination as part of wholesalers' urban water management plan update process. SB 1478 also clarifies that the urban water management plan update deadline extension for retail suppliers is automatic.

Urban wholesale and retail water suppliers should monitor and participate in the administrative processes now underway to set the rules governing urban water conservation requirements. Rule development may be tracked through the DWR website: www.water.ca.gov/wateruseefficiency/sb7/.

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