State Recruits Water Rights Enforcers

May 10, 2010

The State Water Resources Control Board ("State Board") is requesting applications to fill at least 12 new water rights enforcement positions, including investigators, environmental scientists and water resource control engineers.

The new enforcement horsepower is the result of SB 8, which is part of the omnibus water legislation signed into law by the Governor in 2009. SB 8 establishes an annual appropriation of $3.75 million from fee revenue from the Water Rights Fund to support an additional 25 positions in water rights enforcement.

The State Board plans to "vigorously enforce water rights." The State Board's 2008 Bay-Delta Strategic Plan, increasing demands for water throughout the state and environmental concerns are intensfying the need to ensure that all water right diversions are authorized and that the supplies of legitimate water rights holders are not harmed by unlawful diversions. Positions funded by SB 8 are expected to expand enforcemetn activity in the Delta and throughout California.

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