NRDC's Felicia Marcus to Replace NHI's Richard Roos-Collins on Delta Stewardship Council

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed Felicia Marcus, western director of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), to the Delta Stewardship Council.

Marcus has served as NRDC's western director since 2008. Prior to joining NRDC, Marcus served as The Trust for Public Land’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, managing 40 offices across the United States. Previously, Marcus was appointed by President Clinton and served as the Regional Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Region IX from October 1993 until January 2001. The Regional IX office addresses environmental issues in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, former trust territories in the Pacific, and over 140 federally recognized Indian tribes.

Marcus takes the seat vacated July 2, 2010, by the Natural Heritage Institute's (NHI) Richard Roos-Collins. NHI attorney Roos-Collins resigned from the Council following political controversy arising from charges by certain environmental groups that he had a conflict of interest. A copy of Roos-Collins' resignation letter is available at:

Marcus joins Randy Fiorini, Gloria D. Gray, Phil Isenberg, Patrick Johnston, Hank Nordhoff, and Don Nottoli on the Delta Stewardship Council. Fiorini, Isenberg, and Nordhoof are scheduled to appear before the Senate Rules Committee on August 18, 2010, as part of the confirmation process.

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