All Seven Members of the Delta Stewardship Council Appointed; Council Holds First Meeting and Takes First Actions

April 14, 2010

The newly created state agency known as the Delta Stewardship Council has taken shape and recently took its first gentle steps into the tepid waters of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta’s management.

Council’s Mission

The Delta Stewardship Council is the successor to the California Bay-Delta Authority and CALFED Bay-Delta Program. The overall mission of the Delta Stewardship Council, through its seven-member board, is to achieve the two co-equal goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring and enhancing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta ecosystem. Chief among the Council’s duties are to adopt a comprehensive, long-term management plan for the Delta by January 1, 2012 (“Delta Plan”). Once the Delta Plan issues, the Council will serve an oversight role to ensure that many state and local agency projects in the Delta are consistent with achieving the goals of the Delta Plan. Also, the Council will develop and implement a strategy to engage the participation of federal agencies with responsibilities in the Delta; and develop a scientific program relating to managing the Delta through a Delta Independent Science Board.


The seven members of the Council are:

  • Gloria Gray, member of the board of directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (appointed by former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass)
  • Patrick Johnson, a former Legislator who is currently President and CEO of the California Association of Health Plans (appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules)
  • Randy Fiorini, past president and board member of the Association of California Water Agencies, past board president and director of Turlock Irrigation District Division #5, and past president and board member of the California Farm Water Coalition (appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, subject to Senate confirmation)
  • Phil Isenberg, a former assembly leader and chairman of the Delta Vision Task Force that in 2008 wrote a new “blueprint” recommending sweeping changes in the State’s management of the Delta (appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, subject to Senate confirmation)
  • Hank Nordhoff, a biotech executive (appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, subject to Senate confirmation)
  • Richard Roos-Collins, director of legal services for the Natural Heritage Institute (appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, subject to Senate confirmation)
  • Don Nottoli, member of the Council, is Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 5 representative (automatic member by virtue of his current position as Chairperson of the Delta Protection Commission)

Inaugural Meeting

The Council held its inaugural meeting on April 1, 2010 in Sacramento. The seven members of the Council were sworn in and then briefed on the authorities and duties of the Council. The Council adopted meeting procedures and conflict of interest codes, and appointed Joe Grindstaff executive director and Dr. Cliff Dahm lead scientist. Copies of the agenda for this meeting, as well as materials and an archived webcast, can be accessed at the Council’s official website: The Council is scheduled to hold its next meeting on April 22-23, 2010. The agenda for that meeting is also posted at the Council’s website.

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