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Water Rights in Times of Uncertainty and Drought in California

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Friday, September 26, 2014


9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Crowne Plaza Sacramento
5321 Date Avenue


6.0 Hours


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Lorman Education Services


Hanspeter Walter

Hanspeter is one of four panel members presenting.


Don't drown in complex water laws - get the tools to better understand current water rights issues.

The growing imbalance between available water supplies and demands for water in California has increased operating costs for businesses and residents, fomented litigation, and spurred legislative and administrative actions. This new era will challenge residential and commercial developers, municipal and agricultural water agencies and their customers, state and local officials, and the state's aquatic ecosystems. Prepare to face these challenges with an informative overview of California water law with a focus on recent developments and emerging trends. Learn about groundwater rights, conjunctive use, and local and state regulation of groundwater. Gain perspective on the physical and regulatory regimes affecting California's growing water transfer market. Gain insight into assuring and demonstrating water supply adequacy and reliability.

Stay on top of current developments and controversy involving California's Bay Delta Conservation Plan, the Endangered Species Act, the Public Trust Doctrine, and California's Area of Origin laws, and Climate Change. This information-filled one-day seminar will provide tools and insights to help attendees keep up with the fast paced currents in California water law. Register today.


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