Speaking Engagement:

Preventing Problematic Commercial Purchase Agreements: The Top Ten Traps for the Unwary

Event Information


Wednesdey, February 2, 2011


8:30 - 10:00 a.m.


SAR Mack Powell Auditorium
2003 Howe Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825


$10 SAR members & realtors
$15 All others

Sponsored By:

Sacramento Association of Realtors (SAR)

KMTG Presenters:

Amara Harrell

Presentation Overview:

You've wrapped up the purchase deal - now it's time to write it up and get it closed.
But of course, as you know, there are often bumps and curves in the road between
signing and closing. Sometimes the purchase agreement helps the parties navigate
that road, and sometimes it causes a breakdown. Real Property Attorneys from
Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard will discuss ten common mistakes made in
purchase agreements, and how those mistakes can complicate the deal or prevent it
from closing.

Topics include:

  • “Non-refundable deposits" and when they need to be returned to the buyer
  • When a purchase agreement becomes merely an option to buy the property
  • What to disclose about your clients’ knowledge about the property
  • Much more


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