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LOCC Annual Conference | How Cities Must Respond To The State's New Groundwater Law

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Exact date & time TBD


San Jose


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League of California Cities (LOCC)
2015 Annual Conference (September 30 - October 2, 2015)


Eric N. Robinson
Derrick Williams, President, Hydro Metrics Water Resources Incorporated
Additional speaker TBD


The state's new Sustainable Groundwater Management Act impacts cities as groundwater users, public water suppliers and land-use regulators. Starting in 2020, cities in 127 groundwater basins must contend with new regulatory plans imposing fees, pumping cuts or other measures to stop over-pumping of groundwater. By 2017, those cities must decide whether to develop their own regulatory plans or be subject to plans approved by others. Absent an adequate, locally adopted plan, the state will impose local groundwater regulation. The audience will learn how the Act impacts cities and about strategies to protect their economies from potentially dramatic pumping cutbacks.


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