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2012 California Water Law Symposium | Best Practices for Managing California's Water Banks in the Future - Saving for a (Non) Rainy Day

Event Information


Saturday, January 21, 2012


2:00 p.m.


Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

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2012 California Water Law Symposium - "Water and Growth: The Imperative for Sustainable Approaches to Uncertainty"


Stanley C. Powell

Adam Lazar, Center for Biological Diversity

Frank Wolak, Stanford University

Session Overview:

As surface water grows scarcer and California's water needs increase, there is growing focus on water storage. Water banking is unique in that it facilitates water storage without evaporative losses and dams. California possesses one of the world's largest water banks, the Kern Water Bank, and is in the position to act as an innovator in the development of water banking law. However, water bank regulation in California is still developing, and many questions need to be answered. At this time there are major gaps in water bank regulation, and many water banks are under private control. This panel will focus on ways to eliminate uncertainties in water bank regulation and management and strategies for making water banks a useful part of California's water infrastructure.


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