Water and Natural Resources Law

Is water essential to your success?

It is to ours. Since its founding in 1959, Kronick has been recognized statewide for its unsurpassed expertise in water rights and water resources law. Our accomplished team of water attorneys advise clients on the multitude of laws and regulations that govern water use in California. Kronick successfully assists both public and private entities in obtaining, developing and protecting their rights to quality, reliable water supplies. Increasingly, this involves negotiating complex regulatory and environmental laws that govern water diversion, use and management. Kronick attorneys understand and have dealt successfully with the regulatory agencies and courts at all levels concerning every aspect of water from water rights acquisition to the drafting of contracts for water transfers, to environmental protection and State and federal water quality laws.

Our Scope of Services

  • Water rights – acquiring and defending water rights and entitlements (both groundwater and surface water rights), contractual entitlements and petitions for change
  • Water transfers – negotiating and drafting contracts for water transfer and water management
  • Groundwater
  • Representation before state and federal regulatory agencies, including State Water Resources Control Board, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Public Utilities Commission, State Lands Commission, State Reclamation Board, Department of Fish and Game, Army Corps of Engineers, National Marine Fisheries Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Litigation – representation in stream and groundwater basin adjudications and litigation concerning water usage
  • Due diligence – analyzing water entitlements and restrictions in complex real property transactions, including recognizing when the entitlement is only “paper water”
  • Reclamation law – assisting clients in dealing with the laws and federal bureaucracy surrounding Central Valley Project and other reclamation projects
  • Endangered Species Act – development of Habitat Conservation Plans and incidental take permits, both federal and state law requirements
  • Flood litigation – representing both agencies and landowners in litigation resulting from flood damage
  • CEQA and NEPA – advising agencies on preparation of adequate environmental documents for proposed water projects
  • Hydropower relicensing – advising both owners and interested parties in power relicensing applications before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Clean Water Act – advice on compliance and defense of enforcement actions
  • Finding competent expert consultants – our experience with a broad range of technical experts assists our clients to find and retain the most effective expertise to meet their needs