Public Finance

Let us be a part of your financing team!

Borrowing money to finance public projects is a complex process that requires a team effort. As part of your financing team, we bring our knowledge of the borrowing options available to you and our experience in bringing financings to completion. We work with your financial advisor and/or investment banker to devise a legally sound financing strategy. We work with your agency's governing board and staff, and provide guidance through the legal steps required to reach your desired goal.

Kronick offers public agency clients experienced bond counsel whose practices are rooted in municipal, education and tax law. Since 1987, our attorneys have served as bond counsel for cities, water agencies, school districts, community college districts, community services districts, and other special districts. To date, our public finance attorneys have acted as bond counsel for over 350 issues for more than 110 different public agencies totaling in excess of $3.5 billion borrowed.

Kronick's public finance attorneys also serve as disclosure counsel, issuer's counsel, and underwriter's counsel in connection with public agency capital financings.

Our Scope of Services

Our public finance attorneys handle a broad spectrum of debt obligations, including:

  • Certificates of participation (CoPs)
  • Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD)
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • General obligation bonds
  • Lease/purchase obligations
  • Mello-Roos bonds
  • Special benefit assessment bonds
  • Revenue bonds
  • Tax allocation bonds
  • Tax and revenue anticipation notes
  • Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZABs)

Our public finance attorneys also work with public agency clients to implement other methods to generate revenue for capital projects and operations, including:

  • Developer fees
  • Parcel taxes
  • Mello-Roos special taxes
  • Maintenance assessments
  • Utility rates and charges

Additionally, our public finance attorneys provide various related services, such as:

  • Forming joint powers agencies, financing corporations, school facilities improvement districts, and Mello-Roos community facilities districts
  • Providing counsel concerning the expenditure of public funds in connection with bond elections
  • Advising clients about compliance with Proposition 218 concerning the imposition of taxes, assessments, and property-related fees and charges

Related Areas of Expertise

Our public finance attorneys work closely with attorneys in our Public Agency and Economic Development and Housing practice areas to provide advice and counsel on the various finance and tax issues facing our clients and their projects. This "team" approach enables Kronick to assist clients in all aspects of project conceptualization, development, financing, and construction.